When you join All-Star Academy, you join a supportive community of fellow leaders who are committed to excellence and influence.

Elevate your life and your influence
Receive ongoing coaching, feedback, and support 
Join a community that pushes you to be your best
Join the community that's committed to extraordinary
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All-Star Academy is an exclusive coaching program for elevating your personal and professional life to its highest potential.
Mindset is everything. Learn how to have better resilience in the face of challenges, adapt to change, harvest positivity, continuously push yourself, and more.

Developing character is a lifelong process that involves self-awareness, intentional effort, and continuous growth. Join us on a journey of self-reflection, value setting, and continuous learning.
Power Skills
What makes you an All-Star? Learn how to identify, define, and deploy YOUR unique power skills in a way that sets you apart, while honing new skills along the way.
What All-Star Academy Includes
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A collection of community calls, coaching sessions, growth exercises, goal setting, and celebrations — with a unique topic of focus each month.
Monthly Class: Your Antidote to Average
The first week of each month, attend a new class that focuses on mindset, character or power skills. In as little as 45 minutes, you’ll walk away with an entirely new approach to creating the All-Star life you want. Elevate your life and your influence one week at a time!
Monthly Goal Setting: Stepping You Toward All-Star
Crafting personal goals aligned with our monthly theme is pivotal for your growth and, ultimately, your impact. The art of goal setting and its realization stands as the cornerstone in your journey to becoming the exceptional All-Star destined within you.

Monthly Coaching: Catapulting you to All -Star
The All-Star community will also receive coaching, feedback and support from Sharlee in areas of your life where you’re being challenged. These sessions will show you how to elevate yourself and coach yourself through what’s keeping you at average. Seeing what others are experiencing will unlock new perspectives in your own life – and help you see that you’re not alone.

Monthly Celebration: Cheers to the New Part of You 
At the end of the month we will celebrate the work that you’ve done and focus on how you can deploy it for maximum impact and influence. Cocktails optional; I will bring my sparking water!
All-Star Academy also includes...
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Continual Community.
Elevating who you spend your time with is key to unlocking new possibilities in your life. The private All-Star Community is a place where we refuse to complain and settle for average. We share wins, struggles and our stories with each other, get questions answered by others who have “get it” and encouragement from those that have traveled the path ahead of us.

Quarterly Leadership Training.
Focused on leadership habits and attitudes.

Semi-Annual Assessments and Workshops.
Discover and understand your authentic, All-Star self.

Annual In-Person Event.
Once a year, let's bring our community together to celebrate and inspire each other.


Cost + Details
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Join the community on a monthly or yearly basis.
Totaling $1,188 for 12 months.

Get 2 months free when you register for the annual plan!

Going all-in on an annual membership certainly has it’s perks and is an All-Star move!
It begins with being BOLD enough to say you want something different… & BRAVE enough to go out and get it.

 Ready to get started? 
Join All-Star Academy today and start transforming your life, one week at a time!