Sharlee brings passion and expertise to the stage every single time that she is with an audience. She will work with you leadership team to customize a powerful speech with inspiring stories and proven methods for transforming your audience's mindset and actions from Average to All-Star. So whether your conference is for entrepreneurs, employees, teachers, nurses, lawyers, moms or tech executives look no further for your speaker. Sharlee's book "Average to All-Star" is a #1 Amazon best seller, and she will bring her experience to you.
Presentations Designed to Inspire & Equip
Average to All-Star
Extraordinary mentors create extraordinary leaders. They Discover, Develop, and Deploy others so they can start strong and go further faster in their lives and careers. You will engage with this simple 3 step process and come away with a plan to impact future leaders.
The Posture of Winning

Leadership is about a disposition, not a position. But what should your posture be as a leader? We will take a look at mindset, intention, influence and powerful movement as part of winning at leadership.

The Power of "Chosen"

From divvying up teams on the playground to being offered our dream job, most of us know what it feels like to be chosen. And what it feels like to not be chosen. We will take a moment to think about those that chose us, the power of choosing others and what it can mean for those we lead. Who will you choose?