Average to

This 2-day Masterclass is a jump start for those who refuse to see themselves as anything less than extraordinary.
Learn how you can identify and equip emerging leaders. 
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This free Masteclass focuses on Discovering, Developing  & Deploying leaders for maximum impact and influence. It’s the first step in helping average leaders catapult to All-Star status.
Influence others to live to their full potential.

Change the trajectory of someone’s life.

Become an All-Star through the process.
Join Bestselling Author of Average to All-Star, Sharlee Lyons, for this FREE Masterclass
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Day 1: Third Thursday of the month at 12PM ET
The Demand for Leaders
Discover Leaders

Day 2: Third Friday of the month at 12 PM ET
Develop Leadership Competencies
Deploy Leaders for Maximum Impact

 Meet Sharlee 
Speaker, Coach, Teacher, & Best Selling Author
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Sharlee Lyons is a multi-dimensional professional whose entire career has focused on developing others. A former Division 1 athlete, Sharlee brought her love of leadership coaching to the corporate and non-profit, and higher education sectors, serving more than twenty years as an expert in developing authentic emerging leaders and leadership teams. She is a Certified-Certified Strengths Coach, a Master Consultant with Growing Leaders, a Fascinate Certified Advisor and an accredited coach by the International Coaching Federation. Sharlee serves as a speaker, coach, teacher and consultant with a passion for working with individuals and teams to develop future leaders in all settings. Sharlee and her husband, Todd live in Lafayette, Indiana, with their two teenagers, Noah and Sarah, who serve as the test market for her training content, and whom she feels demonstrates some of her best work.