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This free Masterclass focuses on Discovering, Developing and Deploying leaders for maximum impact and influence. It’s the first step in helping average leaders catapult to All-Star status by improving others.
The CORE Values exercise will help you clarify and define the qualities most important to you. Identifying your core values give you the personal power to build a more genuine life of integrity.
The All-Star Toolkit will equip  trusted advisors and organizational leaders to help mentees, employees and students better understand their goals and inspire them to overcome barriers and go further faster.
Get My Book: Average to All-Star
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Extraordinary mentors create extraordinary leaders—and leadership development expert Sharlee Lyons believes that with a little extra effort and some smart strategy, anyone can become extraordinary.

In Average to All-Star, Sharlee shows you how to boost your coaching and mentoring success using proven approaches to Discover, Develop, and Deploy emerging leaders and help bridge the leadership gap.

You’ll learn to evaluate and coach your mentees in three crucial spheres: skills, psychology, and character. You’ll discover useful tools, planning techniques, strategy tips, and communication approaches that will help reinforce your mentoring relationships and improve your coaching effectiveness. Most important, you’ll learn to guide the next generation of leaders toward vast new opportunities to live and work meaningfully, within their authentic values—taking their performance from average to All-Star.
Coaching Products
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Sharlee is a Master Consultant with Growing Leaders and can help you purchase and prepare your team with the dynamic leadership training curriculum, Habitudes. When you purchase through Sharlee, you'll receive 10% off!
Sharlee is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach which allows her to coach and teach with CliftonStrengths for individuals or teams. CliftonStrengths helps you discover what you naturally do best and how to develop your greatest talents into strengths.
As a Fascinate Certified Advisor, Sharlee is trained to help guide you and your teams through the process of incorporating the Fascinate system into your professional or personal routine. When you purchase through Sharlee, you'll receive 10% off!