Level Up Leadership Coaching Program
Find clarity, overcome roadblocks, and achieve personal and professional growth.
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Understand your unique strengths
Uncover your personal motivation
Unlock your working genius
It may be time to Level Up.
Do you feel yourself struggling with clarity in your personal and professional life?

Are you running up against the same roadblocks time and time again and can’t figure out why?

Do you need someone to help clarify or simplify all the ideas swirling around in your head?
Join the 12-week leadership coaching program. 
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Many times it takes an outside voice – like a coach – to help unravel our thoughts before we’re ready to make a change.
This program will walk you through a series of strengths-building exercises and collaborative consultations to identify your unique professional skills, helping you understand your authentic self so you can create a clear path of success.
As a group program, you will have the opportunity to connect and grow
with other young professionals
and emerging leaders throughout 12 weekly virtual classes.
Every week in Level Up Leadership, you’ll receive practical and achievable next steps that will help you feel inspired and prepared to grow into a much more satisfied and effective version of yourself.
Cost + Details
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  • Runs February 20-May 14
  • Group coaching program
  • 12 weekly virtual meetings 
  • Receive certifications for four professional assessments — included in your registration cost!  

Save $500 on our early bird special when you register before February 16!

  • $2,499 before 2/16
  • $2,999 after 2/16
A great use of your professional development/conference budget from employers! 
What Level UP Leadership offers you
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This coaching group is designed to empower emerging leaders to lead authentically, embrace the qualities that are innately theirs and communicate their distinct value.
Understand your unique strengths
You are unique. You are powerful. Learn your unique strengths so you can be confident with
who you are and how you bring the best value to positions and teams in both your personal and
professional life.
Uncover your personal motivation
Deep down, what motivates you? What aspects of your life are most meaningful to you? What
makes you tick? Learn your unique motivations and how to use them to your advantage in every
aspect of your life.
Unlock your working genius
Understand your gifts and frustrations so you can better experience fulfillment and dignity in your life and work.
Communicate your highest value
Learn how to define your strengths and differentiate yourself so you can more effectively communicate your value.
Professional assessments you'll receive throughout the program
 Ready to get started? 
 Your journey toward authentic leadership begins with Level Up Leadership. Seize this opportunity to discover your authentic self and tap into your true potential!
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