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Taking you from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!
 Does This Sound Like You? 
 Are you a leader struggling to multiply mentors and create a leadership pipeline in your organization? A mentor who desires to see others reach their full potential, but don’t know how to get them there? An emerging leader that desires to start strong and go further faster in your life and career? You wish it was easy, or at least not so exhausting. And you wish you had the time for it.

You are not alone!

If you’re not living the life of impact you want, you don’t have to give up! I catapult leaders from average to All-Star so they can have maximum impact. I provide simple tools and come alongside you as a trusted advisor. There is no leadership problem you’re facing that we can’t solve together. 

You have what it takes to go from average to All-Star. It’s time to thrive in your role as a leader and realize you can have the impact you desire.
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What I Can Do For You
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Coaching helps emerging leaders to start stronger and go further faster. Coaching for organizational leadership helps achieve a greater level of excellence and influence.
Sharlee is passionate about instilling a growth mindset in individuals and organizations. Her keynote messages inspire positive thinking, resilience, and a commitment to continuous improvement.
Sharlee's workshops can incorporate team-building activities and exercises that enhance collaboration, communication, and trust among team members. Stronger teams contribute to a more positive and productive work environment.
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Join the community that's committed to extraordinary!
All-Star Academy is an exclusive coaching program for elevating your personal and professional life to its highest potential.
Elevate your life and your influence
Receive ongoing coaching, feedback, and support
Be a part of a community that pushes you to be your best
About Sharlee Lyons
Speaker, Coach, Teacher, & Best Selling Author
Sharlee Lyons is a multi-dimensional professional whose entire career has focused on developing others. A former Division 1 athlete, Sharlee brought her love of leadership coaching to the corporate and non-profit, and higher education sectors, serving more than twenty years as an expert in developing authentic emerging leaders and leadership teams. She is a Certified-Certified Strengths Coach, a Master Consultant with Growing Leaders, a Fascinate Certified Advisor and an accredited coach by the International Coaching Federation. Sharlee serves as a speaker, coach, teacher and consultant with a passion for working with individuals and teams to develop future leaders in all settings. Sharlee and her husband, Todd live in Lafayette, Indiana, with their two teenagers, Noah and Sarah, who serve as the test market for her training content, and whom she feels demonstrates some of her best work.
Get My Book: Average to All-Star
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Extraordinary mentors create extraordinary leaders—and leadership development expert Sharlee Lyons believes that with a little extra effort and some smart strategy, anyone can become extraordinary.

In Average to All-Star, Sharlee shows you how to boost your coaching and mentoring success using proven approaches to Discover, Develop, and Deploy emerging leaders and help bridge the leadership gap.
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“If you want to take a master class on inspiring others, then Sharlee is the star teacher. In my four years as a college student, Sharlee has instilled a supreme level of confidence in me as a mother would her son. Sharlee’s powerful messages have routinely motivated me to take on any challenge that helps me go further faster.”
Nick Sprecher
"Sharlee's coaching has been a gamechanger for our daughter in her final year of college. Sharlee is brilliant at working with young adults and she's really helped our daughter understand her unique strengths (and weaknesses) and how to leverage them. Investing in Sharlee's mentoring program in addition to her degree has added a safe, personalized layer of support and accountability neither we, as parents, or the school could compete with."
Nicole Gebhardt
“I met Sharlee at the beginning of my professional journey, as a young student. Her ability to combine compassion, enthusiasm, and intellect is what makes her such an invaluable coach. She not only shares the tools to harness your strengths but shows you how valuable you are.”
Eesha Patel